Basic Hydrometer - Triple Scale
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This basic, economical hydrometer reads in three scales (Triple Scale) - Specific Gravity, Brix/Balling, and Potential Alcohol, making it a must-have tool for any home brewer or wine maker.

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Iodine Reagent Solution 2oz.
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For testing mash conversion. Add 1 or 2 drops to mash sample. Purple color indicates starch. 2oz.


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Refractometer for Brewing - Brix and Specific Gravity
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A refractometer is used to measure the density of a solution, in our case how much malt sugar is in solution. Featuring both a Brix scale AND a Specific Gravity Scale

A refractometer allows you take instant gravity readings at any point during the boil, or even during the run off of the sparge during an all-grain brew. This unit allows you to measure in Specific Gravity Scale.

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Fermento Flash Automatic Beer Analyzer
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The device for the automatic analysis of beer with easy 5-key operation, automatic calibration, and a one minute measuring time. Measures alcohol, extract, and density and also determines original wort, apparent extract, and osmotic pressure

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