"Blade" Precision Pocket Scale
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The perfect scale for those measurements of 650 grams or less. With a readability and accuracy of 0.1 grams, you are sure to get a precise measurement every time. Ideal for hop pellets, nutrients, additives, or water adjusters.

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Digital Grain Scale with 55lb/25kg Capacity
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An amazing deal! Capable of weighing a full sack and then some, this scale will definitely ease your brew day. This is a benchtop unit with a 55lb/25kg capacity, lifetime warranty, and a host of helpful features. PLEASE NOTE: WORKS WITH BATTERIES ONLY

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ANVIL™ Scale - 65lb Capacity
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Anvil Brewing Equipment high capacity digital grain scale handles up to 65lb with 0.02lb accuracy! The huge 12.5” X 11.75” stainless steel weighing surface is big enough to support about any size bucket or container. The remote scale allows easy reading and can be mounted in any convenient location. Selectable lb and Kg units. Includes batteries and remote power
supply. Imported.

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ANVIL™ Precision Scale
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Anvil Brewing Equipment high precision digital scale has a 4”X 4” stainless steel weighing surface and a capacity of 4.4lb (2 KG) and a precision of 0.005 oz. (0.1g)! Perfect for water salt measurements, hops and specialty grains. Selectable g or oz. units. Includes sample tray and protective cover. Batteries included. Imported.

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