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Kegerators and Jockey boxes


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Kegerator Conversion Kit
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SKU: 65005

 Basic Kegerator Conversion - through-door style

Our price: CA$98.50
Kegerator Conversion Kit - Tower with One Faucet
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SKU: 65006

Kegerator Conversion with a single-faucet tower. 

Our price: CA$173.50
Tasting Board - Puddifoot with 5oz. Tasting Glasses
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SKU: 42658

Flight paddle comes with 4 5oz. glasses (SKU 42655) for sampling beer/wine. Product not exactly as shown.

Our price: CA$37.00
BeerBox Portable Dispenser Kit
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SKU: 65010

Standard BeerBox™ Kit for a 5 Gallon Batch of Home Brew; includes:

  • Two-2.75 gallon BeerBox™
  • One-CO2 injector
  • Five-CO2 (16 gram) cartridges
  • One-Hose Tap Adaptor with Hose & Tap
  • Two-Butterfly Hose Clamps
  • PLUS – 2 coasters and 2 stickers

The BeerBox™ is a 2.75 Gallon Container which is 9.625” high, 6.5” wide and 15.9” long and made of sturdy food grade HDPE plastic (much thicker than a PET soda bottle and dark enough that there is no light permeation, either). The front panel allows for a 4”x4” label for your brew which can be easily viewed. The BeerBox™ fits in a standard refrigerator making storing your home brew easier than ever. The portability of your home brew is simple – just grab it by its ergonomically designed handle go out the door with the hose tap adaptor and tap, you can pour fresh home brew from inside a cooler with ease.

Our price: CA$250.00
Jockey Box Washer Aluminum
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SKU: 65081-B

Aluminum washer for Jockey Box Wall Coupling

Our price: CA$2.20
Jockey Box 2 Coil 2 Faucet - Red
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SKU: 65082

48 quart dimensions: 13" x 24" x 15" Boxes are heavy duty double wall construction Foamed in place insulation Faucets - 2 Coil Size - 50' Number of Coils - 2 Color - Red Couplers not included.

Our price: CA$545.00
Jockey Box Wall Coupling Strainless Steel
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SKU: 65083

Stainless Steel, 3" long, 3/8" bore - requires 2 rubber washers and 2 aluminum washers

Our price: CA$49.50
Jockey Box Cold Plate 2 Faucet
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SKU: 65084-2

Perfect for use with CO2 system and standard tapping equipment. INCLUDES: 10 x 15 cold plate, beer faucet, inlets and connections. 48 Quart rugged, high impact chest with dense foam insulation. Moulded handles. Colors: Red or Blue Dimensions: 13 high, 24 long, 15 wide. Cold plates contain circuits of 18 length stainless steel tubing 5/16 O.D. x 1/4 I.D. Faucets - 2 Color - Blue Pricing with additional faucets available. Please call to inquire.

Our price: CA$445.00
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