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Vinmetrica Accessories


Vinmetrica Deluxe Lab Accessory Kit
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SKU: 30243

Turn your winery or garage into a wine laboratory! The Deluxe Lab Accessory Kit is composed of the following accessories:

  • The Lab Support Stand
  • Vinmetrica’s Electrode holder
  • The Double Burette clamp
  • The 10 mL glass Burette with Teflon stopcock
  • The Magnetic Stirrer
  • And a small tube of Burette Detergent

Our price: CA$255.00
SO2 Electrode for Vinmetrica SC-100A/SC-300
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SKU: 30249-2

Replacement SO2 probe for the SC-100, SC-100A & SC-300 SO2 Analyzers. Simply rinse with deionized (distilled) water when done with measuring SO2 and let it air dry. The SO2 electrode does not need to be stored in any solution and should last for a long time but be careful not to bend the wires at the end of the electrode.

Our price: CA$90.00
Conical Tubes for Vinmetrica SC-50, pack of 3
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SKU: 30150-07

These conical tubes have a 15mL capacity with markings on the side for easy reading. Includes screw caps. For measuring wine sample volumes when calculating malic acid concentration using the SC-50 MLF Analyzer. Set of three.

Our price: CA$13.00