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Coffee Making Supplies


Victoria Manual Grain Mill
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SKU: 65602

Use for efficiently cracking (grinding) malted and non-malted barleys, corn, grains, spices, beans, coffee, peanuts, etc.

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Primary Pail with Lid and Spigot - 30L
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SKU: 20253

Primary Fermenter Pail 8 Gallon (30L)

Comes with Thermometer strip, tap, lid with vent for airlock, "S" style airlock

Also excellent for making a batch of Cold Brew Coffee

Our price: CA$44.50
Fine Nylon Straining Bag with Drawstring, 24" x 24" (Large)
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SKU: 13296

Fine Nylon Drawstring Bag 24"x24


Nylon Drawstring bags are used for removing spent grain during mashing.

Can also be used to hold the pulp in winemaking while allowing the juice to be strained off OR for holding ground coffee, for making Cold Brew.

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Coffee Caps (Wide)
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SKU: 44311

Coffee Caps transform any wide mouth mason jar into the ideal coffee bean storage vault.

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