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From Harvest to Moonshine by Byron Ford
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From Harvest to Moonshine by Byron Ford


There was a time when Moonshine was considered dangerous to your health compared to commercial spirit. But today, with new techniques and products, that is history. 

This book has brought out from the closet the modern day methods of producing Moonshine without the many side effects and hangovers associated with it by reputation. It covers methods and techniques that many commercial spirit manufacturers are using today, with a touch of moonshine nostalgia to keep it authentic. 

From the successful beginnings of the book Moonshine Made Simple and The Still Makers Manual, this tome continues to expand your knowledge and skills to produce a fine product that will not only amaze you, but your friends as well. Included is a large section on essential oils and perfumes.

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Chemistry and Technology of Wine and Liquors
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By Karl M. Herstein, F.A.I.C. & Thomas C. Gregory


Post prohibition in the United States brought a renewed interested in the beverage arts.

The authors of this book offer wine and spirits making as an art on the level of weaving, pottery and smelting—arts that did not require a great amount of scientific development, yet have reached a level of artistic perfection.

Given this historical background, Wines and Liquors provides a general overview as well as detailed science on the production of wine and spirits including: fermentation, sugars, yeasts, malting, distillation and even some recipes for cordials. This book remains as relevant today as when originally published in 1935.

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Distilling Principles and Processes
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By Sydney Young

Originally published in 1922 this book has been revised to include distillation on a large scale as carried out in the manufacture of important products. 

Distillation Principles and Processes covers the research of scientists in fields including: Acetone and n-Butyl Alcohol, Alcohol, Petroleum, Coal Tar, Glycerine and Essential Oils.

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Making Pure Corn Whiskey, 2nd Ed., by Ian Smiley
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By Ian Smiley


A Professional Guide for Amateur and Micro Distillers.

The most comprehensive home-distilling book that specifically addresses the small-scale production of whiskey.


It details every aspect of how fresh grain is tranformed into whiskey, with easy and inexpensive methods of fabricating the equipment and precise details of how to operate it. The book features over a dozen recipes that range from modern scientifically optimized processes to traditional corn squeezin's and sour-mash recipes.


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Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits
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By Andrew Schloss

Add your favorite flavors and sweeteners to vodka, brandy, whiskey, and rum to make delicious homemade liqueurs. 

Andrew Schloss shows you simple techniques for making liqueurs using standard kitchen equipment, providing hundreds of recipes for blending your own flavored spirits with cinnamon, chocolate, honey, peaches, or anything else that might suit your fancy. 

Learn how easy it is to make your own versions of Baileys, Triple Sec, and Kahlúa, or try your hand at creating new and unique flavor combinations. Cheers!

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Making Fine Spirits
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By Zymurgy Bob
Making Fine Spirits is a book for the rankest beginning potstiller who is interested in learning to make naturally-flavored "brown" spirits, whiskeys (and also whiskeys), brandies, and rums. It will guide him (and her, if she's interested) through the questions that need to be answered, and the decisions that need to be made to start the new distiller on the way to creating that first amber drop of ambrosia.
You'll learn distillation lore, which dangers are real, and which are bogus. You'll learn how to build a small but useful coffeepot still in a day, without soldering, and the next day you'll learn how to make a respectable brandy from the cheapest grocery store wine in that still.
You'll build on your experiences with the coffeepot still to construct a 5-gallon potstill, and then a 15-gallon potstill. Making Fine Spirits is also a book for the advanced potstiller as well.

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The Craft of Gin
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By Aaron J. Knoll

The Craft of Gin explores the history of Gin production from its crude origins in medieval Europe to the finely honed spirits of twenty-first century craft distillers.

The book describes how gin is made, the primary botanicals used in its production, tasting notes for fifty craft gins from around the world, and five interviews of leading craft gin distillers.

The book is rounded out with two chapters dedicated to timeless gin cocktails, their background, how they are made and the best gins and ingredients that allows them to sing.

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