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Cheesemaking & Fermented Foods


Gourmet vinegars: The How-Tos
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Make your own gourmet vinegars with the simple, clearly explained recipes in this book.

The 57 economical, giftable, incredibly delicious berry, fruit, flower, herb, spice, and vegetable vinegars include: Sweet Basil with Blueberry, Chives and Chilies, Tarragon, Mixed Herbs, Strawberry with Spices, and Lime Vinegar.


Gourmet Vinegars: The How-To's of Making & Cooking with Vinegars. By Marsha Peters Johnson.

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Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking
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By Gianclis Caldwell


The Ultimate Guide for Home-Scale and Market Producers by Gianaclis Caldwell This comprehensive and user-friendly guide thoroughly explains the art and science that allow milk to be transformed into epicurean masterpieces.

Caldwell offers a deep look at the history, science, culture, and art of making artisan cheese on a small scale, and includes detailed information on equipment and setting up a home-scale operation.


A large part of the book includes extensive process-based recipes dictating not only the hard numbers, but also the concepts behind each style of cheese and everything you want to know about affinage (aging), and using oils, brushes, waxes, infusions, and other creative aging and flavoring techniques.

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Superfoods for Life, Cultured and Fermented Beverages
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By Meg Thompson


Heal digestion - Supercharge Your Immunity - Detoxify Your System

Enjoy 75 recipes for cultured drinks such as: kombucha, kefir, herbal and medicinal ferments, and cultured smoothies you can brew at home! 

Including Cayenne Lemon Kombucha, Blueberry Basil Kefir, Beet Kvass, Kiwi Soda, Ginger & Turmeric Fermented Tea, Morning Liver Tonic, Berry Rooibos Kombucha, and Sweet Potato Soda.

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Fermented Vegetables
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By Kirsten Shockey & Christopher Shockey



This easy-to-follow comprehensive guide presents more than 120 recipes for fermenting 64 different vegetables and herbs.

Learn the basics of making kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles, and then refine your technique as you expand your repertoire to include curried golden beets, pickled green coriander, and carrot kraut.

With a variety of creative and healthy recipes, many of which can be made in batches as small as one pint, you’ll enjoy this fun and delicious way to preserve and eat your vegetables.

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