Carbonation In-Line System
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This heavy duty, sanitary unit is designed to carbonate beer, wine, cider, or soda quickly.

Inside the 316 stainless steel tube is a porous tube that will inject 2 micron bubbles of your desired gas into your beverage, making for very quick absorbtion. 

With the corresponding fittings, this carbonator can be used with either a pump to force large quantities of beer, cider, wine, or soda through the tube; or in smaller applications could be hooked up from one corny keg to another to carbonate quickly between kegs.


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Carbonator "Big Mac"
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Solid state 2 pc. float/probe liquid level control Diamond Brite tank with 5 year warranty 1/3 HP motor/115VAC 60Hs/7 amps Brass water pump with integral strainer 100 GPH 250 PSI Rubber feet mounted (for sound insulation) Encapsulated electronics package 1/4" MFL CO2 inlet, 3/8" MFL water inlet, 3/8" soda outlet(s) Tank Capacity - 2 gallon Outlets - 2

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Blichmann Quick Carb
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An innovative way to carbonate or oxygenate beer with the same tool. As a carbonation tool it can carbonate a 5 gallon keg in just an hour. As an oxygenating tool, just connect the quick-carb tool to an oxygen regulator before pitching the yeast.

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