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Corker/Capper Pneumatic "BIG"
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SKU: 20519

Extremely versatile corker and capper all in one.

Compact in size and easy to use, this unit can seal bottles with crown caps, agglomorated or synthetic corks, and pressure caps in plastic or other materials.



- Compatible with agglomorated or synthetic corks up to a width of 25 mm and a height of 45 mm

- Can seal bottles with a 26 mm or 29 mm crown cap

- Champagne stoppers plastic and agglomorated can both be used with this unit

Our price: CA$3100.00
Crown Capper, 26mm or 29mm
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SKU: 20534

Bench capper for 26mm or 29mm crown caps. Includes both bell sizes.

Our price: CA$58.00
Heavy Duty Bench Capper Magnet
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SKU: 20540-M

Magnet for Professional heavy duty capper (20540)

Our price: CA$5.00
Crown Capper, 26mm Only
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SKU: 20532

Bench capper for 26mm crown caps. Includes 26mm bell.

Our price: CA$41.50
Hand Held "Emily" Capper
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SKU: 20530-EM

Hand Held twin lever for 26mm crown caps. Ferrari brand.

Our price: CA$24.00
Heavy Duty Bench Capper - For Beer / Sparkling |Wine
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SKU: 20540

Professional heavy duty capper ideal for microbrewery test batches, small batch cider, or home sparkling wine production. This unit is built from heavier metal than a standard bench capper, and is designed for continuous use.
For the version with an in built Champagne Wire Hood Twister, see 20542

For Extra stability, this unit can be easily mounted to a bench.
Adaptors for 26mm and 29mm crowns included.

Our price: CA$261.00
Hand Held "Universal" Capper
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SKU: 20530-UNI
Hand Held twin lever for 26mm crown caps. "Universal" Capper.

Our price: CA$21.00
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