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Cider Tannins & Additions


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Quertanin - 25g
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Quertanin - 25g

To introduce oak character in wines, an addition of pure oak tannin may be beneficial. Quertanin is extracted from oak trees grown in the Limousin region of France.

Quertanin contributes wood nuances without toasty or smoky character.

This finishing tannin is a strong anti-oxidant and can increase the complexity of the wine finish. It will not, however, increase middle palate.

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Tannin Galalcool 100g
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Galalcool - 100g

Tanin Galalcool™ is derived from the gall nut of chesnut trees. 

It is referred to as a “white fluffy tannin” due to the color and nature of the product. 

Specifically developed for addition to white wines (though it can be used with cider) because it is colorless, Tanin Galalcool is recommended for use on grapes that have Botrytis, other molds or rot. 


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Wine Tannin 1/2oz
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Tannin gives an impression of dryness and zest to flat wines otherwise lacking in character.

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FT Blanc Soft Tannin 1kg
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Scott’TanTM FT Blanc Soft is similar to FT Blanc in applica­tion but wines made with it are also characterized by soft­ness and improved mouthfeel. White and rosé wines made with FT Blanc Soft have enhanced texture with a percep­tion of sweetness on the palate. Even relatively small dosages can contribute to minerality in wines. Similar improvements can be seen in fruit and mead wines.

FT Blanc Soft can also round out sharp, edgy ciders by providing a perception of sweetness.

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FT Blanc Tannin 1kg
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SKU: 12679

Scott’TanTM FT Blanc tannin is a white gall nut tannin specifically formulated for use on grapes with mold or rot (e.g.Botrytis). It helps protect juice from browning by acting as an anti-oxidant and inhibiting laccase activity. On sound grapes FT Blanc is an effective anti-oxidant when used with SO2. In protein rich varieties, such as Sauvignon Blanc, FT Blanc can help remove proteins. In some wines it will also contribute notes of minerality.


FT Blanc can also be used as a fermentation or post-fermentation tannin in cider to boost the mid-palate of "donut" style ciders.


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FT Blanc Citrus Tannin - 1Kg
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New in 2015, Scott’Tan™ FT Blanc Citrus is a mixture of condensed tannins extracted from citrus wood and gallic tannins. The use of FT Blanc Citrus during the course of alcoholic fermentation, and in combination with yeast strains with a marked beta-glycosidase activity (such as Alchemy II, 71B, VIN 2000, NT 116, RHÔNE 4600, VIN 13, QA23 and 58W3), allows for the development of enhanced aromatic potential.

The resulting wines may present more intense aromas of lemon, grapefruit, apple and white flowers, which complement other varietal aromas and those produced during fermentation. Scott’Tan FT Blanc Citrus also protects the must and wine from oxidation.


FT Blanc Citrus can be used as a fermentation or post-fermentation tannin to brighten up old, tired ciders by adding a hint of zest.

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