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Wyeast 4134 Sake
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Sake #9 used in conjunction with Koji for making wide variety of Asian Jius (rice based beverages). Full bodied profile, silky and smooth on palate with low ester production.

Carefully selected yeast strain for saké brewing that perform properly in the nutrient-deficient environment that rice provides.


- Styles: Saké, Daiginjo, Nigori, Japanese Plum Wine, Fruit Saké

- Flocculation: Low

- Fermentation Temperature: 60-75°F (15-24°C)

- Alcohol Tolerance: 14%

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White Labs - WLP705 Sake Yeast
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SKU: 61500-705
White Labs - WLP705 Sake Yeast
*Avalable by Special Request*
For use in rice based fermentations.
For sake, use this yeast in conjunction with koji (to produce fermentable sugar). WLP705 produces full bodied sake character and subtle fragrance.
- Flocculation: N/A
- Fermentation Temperature: >21°C
Attenuation: >80%
- Alcohol Tolerance: 16%

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Koji cultured rice for sakemaking 40oz
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40oz of Rice that has been incubated with Koji (Aspergillus Oryazae). This is not a spore package, but rather an active culture of koji growing on polished sake rice. 


Koji culture has been used for centuries in many different applications ranging form:

- Fermenting soy beans for Soy Sauce or Miso

- Converting starches in Rice to be used to make Sake

- "Dry Aging" Steak Cuts, and other Meats 


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