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Infusion Tube


Oak Infusion Tube for Carboys
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SKU: 13264

Infusion Tube Sized for a 5/6 Gallon Carboy


The perfect solution for adding easily removable additions of Oak to wine, or Hops to beer!

This stainless tube will hold the addition submerged inside a 5-6 gallon carboy, and ensure great permeation.

Our price: CA$52.00
Oak Infusion Tube for barrels
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SKU: 13262

Infusion Tube Sized for a 60 Gallon Barrel


Got a neutral barrel and want to add oak character?

This infusion tube is a great way to go!


Whether loading up this container with Oak Cubes or Chips to be submerged in wine, or adding additional hop character to an experimental barrel aged beer, this stainless steel tube will keep your chosen addition submerged, contained and easy to remove when finished.

Our price: CA$115.00