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Viva Renaissance Yeast 100g
Added: 07-05-2018
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Viva 100g
Viva is a H2S-preventing wine yeast strain ideal for artisan style sparkling wines, fruit forward white grapes and high must weight red table wines.
A rapid clean fermenter characterized by its ability to ferment under diverse conditions such as high or low temperatures, this yeast demonstrates strong fermentation kinetics while preserving fresh, fruit character.
It is also an active competitor against other yeasts. Formerly called Vivace.
Recommended Styles: Artisan Style Sparkling and Still Whites, High must weight Red Table Wines, and Ciders

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Large Batch (Over 23L)

Your yeast selection should be based on : 1. the grape and style of wine 2. fermentation conditions 3. must nutrient levels (YANC) 4. the enological properties that can enhance the sensory characteristics of your wines.
DO NOT SKIMP ON YEAST. Additions rates vary and should be respected. They are based on total juice at brix <25. If your juice is >25 brix add 10g/hl more.
- Follow proper yeast rehydration procedures. These are listed on the 5gm and 500gm packages. For 50gm and 100gm repacks please ask for your instruction sheet.
Manufacturers will give proprietary names to similar yeasts available through other manufacturers.
Killer yeasts (cerevisiae) contain a toxin in their cell wall structure that allows them to kill toxin sensitive foreign yeast cells.
-Stuck fermentation can be prevented or dealt with. See www.bosagrape.com for instructions (TODO)

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