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SIHA 3 500gm
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SKU: 12230-500

SIHA Active Yeast 3 - 500g

SIHA Active Yeast 3 is a pure, highly active dry yeast concentrate of natural wine yeasts from top German locations. This dry pure culture yeast brings about a rapid start and reliable thorough fermentation, even under unfavorable conditions.

It is therefore equally suitable for fermenting musts, mashes, and re-diluted fruit juice concentrates and completing the fermentation of wines for which fermentation was interrupted.


Recommended Styles: Red Wines, White Wines, Fruit Wines, Cider

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SIHA 7 500gm
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SKU: 12231-500

SIHA Active Yeast 7 - 500g

SIHA Active Yeast 7 (Riesling Yeast) is a pure, highly active dry concentrate of natural wine yeast which has been isolated from German Riesling must in long years of selection. 

This yeast has the capability to produce very varied wines because the typical bouquet of the sort and location is accentuated.


Recommended Styles: Riesling, White Wines

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SIHA 8 500gm
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SKU: 12232-500

Siha Active Yeast 8 - 500g

SIHA Active Yeast 8 (Burgundy) Yeast is a dry, pure culture yeast especially formulated for fermenting red wine mashes and red wine musts. Its special advantages include, besides preservation of color, rapid fermentation start and reliable thorough fermentation even under unfavorable conditions.

This yeast strain is therefore suitable for producing red wines with a stable color from the wine types late Burgundy, black Riesling, Trollinger, Portuguese and other red wine sorts.


Recommended Styles: Burgundy Style Wines, Black Riesling, Trollinger, Portuguese Style Wines

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SIHA 10 500gm
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SKU: 12233-500

Siha Active Yeast 10 - 500g

SIHA Active Yeast 10 (Red Roman) is a dry pure culture yeast which has particular advantages for the fermentation of red wine mash and red wine must.

Along with color retention, advantages include rapid fermentation activation, reliable ongoing fermentation even in unfavorable conditions, a high alcohol tolerance and low SO2 production. In addition, SIHA Active Yeast 10 (Red Roman) increases the yield of sense-affecting polysaccharides.

This yeast strain is excellently suited to southern wine varieties.

Recommended Styles: Cabernet Sauvignon, Lemberger, Syrah, Zinfandel, Dornfelder

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SIHA Cryarome 500g
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SKU: 12234-500

SIHA Cryarome - 500g

SHIA Cryarome is a cold fermentation yeast that combines excellent cool fermentation features with aroma liberation. 

Produces crispy and spicy wines. Increases the complexity and elegance of sweet dessert wines. 


Recommended Styles: Riesling, Muller-Thurgau, Chenin Blanc, Muscat, Sauvingnon Blanc

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SIHA Varioferm 500gm
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SKU: 12235-500

Siha Varioferm - 500g

SIHA VARIOFERM yeast is a highly active dry yeast combination of saccharomyces cerevisiae D4, SF8 and U17 for reliable and pure fermentation without negative taste influences in wine processing.

The yeast strains were selected especially for use in a combined product according to all-important enological criteria (moderate fermentation; high dominance over spontaneous flora; negligible frothing; rapid sedimentation). Therefore, the harvest has a greater influence on the proportions of yeast strains that control fermentation.

Varioferm guarantees greater variation and natural variety, while offering the same all-round reliability of dry pure culture yeasts


Recommended Styles: Red Wines, White Wines

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