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Yeast Aroma White 500g
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SKU: 12075

Enartis Aroma White - 500g

Saccharomyces cerevisiae selected for the production of fresh and fruity white wines.

It has a good ability to produce fermentation aromas. Because of a very small production of riboflavin, it helps in preventing the appearance of the undesirable "light struck flavor".

Aroma White is a yeast recommended for the production of young fruity white wines obtained from both neutral and aromatic grapes; Fermentation at temperatures between 14-16°C produce varietal wines with complex notes of mineral, balsamic and citrus, higher temperatures 17-20°C produce aromas of sweet white fruit. 


Recommended Styles: Young and fruity white wines, White wines obtained from grapes poor in primary aromas, Fruity rosé, Late harvest sweet wines

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Yeast Red Fruit 500g
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SKU: 12076

Enartis Red Fruit - 500g

RED FRUIT is a yeast for the production of young red and rosé wines characterized by very intense fruity aromas.

Able to produce intense secondary aromas in a wide range of conditions; wines fermented by this strain are consumer-friendly with pleasant field berry (blueberry, blackberry, cherry, raspberry) and violet aromas.

This yeast produces a significant amount of glycerol while respecting acidity. As a result, wines taste both soft and fresh. 


RecommendedStyles: Rosé, Pinot Noir, Young red wines and red wines destined to medium ageing, “Nouveau” style red wines, New World style red wines, Late harvest sweet wines 

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Yeast Enartis ES 181 500g
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SKU: 12080

Enartis ES 181 - 500g

ES 181 is a yeast recommended for the production of white wines noted for strong varietal aroma expression.

Excellent for fermentations at low temperatures and in hyper-reductive conditions. ES 181 has intense β-lyase activity which makes it an ideal strain for fermenting varieties that are rich in sulfurous aromatic precursors such as Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling.

At low temperatures and with proper nutrition, it produces white and tropical fruit aromas that increase aromatic complexity without overpowering varietal character. On the palate, wines taste soft and well balanced.


Recommended Styles: Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, White wines with varietal character, White wines fermented at lower temperatures, White wines fermented in hyper-reductive conditions, White wines to be aged in barrel, Late harvest wines 

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Yeast Enartis ES 488 500g
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SKU: 12079

Enartis ES 488 - 500g

ES 488 is a strain recommended for the production of “new world” style red wines destined for ageing. It enhances and intensifies the varietal characteristics of very ripe red grapes.

In particular, it enhances red fruit aromas (raspberry, cranberry, red currant and kirsch cherry) and increases complexity by adding mineral, spicy (liquorice) and floral (violet) notes. Resulting wines are already aromatically expressive at the end of alcoholic fermentation.

ES 488 also helps mask herbaceous aromas found in grape varieties such as Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a great extraction capacity, producing wines with notable structure and color stability. In wines with high alcohol content, it helps reduce burning sensations.


Recommended Styles: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Zinfandel, Barbera, Dolcetto

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Yeast Enartis Top Essence 500g
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SKU: 12077

Enartis Top Essence - 500g

TOP ESSENCE is a yeast recommended for fermentation of neutral white grapes to increase aromatic complexity by production of intense secondary aromas. 

With adequate amino acid nutrition at the beginning of fermentation this strain synthesizes desirable pineapple, passion fruit, and grapefruit aromas. Wines are fresh and ready to drink, even shortly after alcoholic fermentation.


Recommended Styles: Young white wines obtained from grapes poor in primary aromas, Rosé wines, Late harvest sweet wines

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Yeast Enartis Q Citrus 500g
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SKU: 12073

Enartis Q Citrus - 500g

Q CITRUS is recommended for the production of varietal white wines with intense aromatic expression.

This yeast reveals the fruit and floral aromas of grape terpenes and norisoprenoids. At the same time, it produces intense fermentation aromas that make varietal character more complex.

When Q CITRUS ferments at lower temperatures (10-13°C or 50-56°F), it produces zesty and complex notes of citrus (grapefruit), tropical fruit (guava, passion fruit, pineapple) and flowers (jasmine, lime blossom). At higher temperatures (16-20°C or 61-68°F), it intensifies notes of tropical and white fruit (peach, pear).

In the presence of a good source of aminoacids, Q CITRUS can help improve the aromatic quality of neutral grapes. Good production of glycerol contributes wine volume and fullness.


Recommended Styles: White wines with intense varietal characteristics, Neutral grapes lacking aromatic expression

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