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Gallons & bag in box


Bag in a box - spout only
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SKU: 14173

Special spout for the bag in the waiter bags.

Our price: CA$2.25
Bag in a box 4L
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SKU: 14170

Also called a wine waiter bag. Foil Coloured flat bag c/w spigot. Excellent for storing wine or liquids in an airtight environment. Sold individually

Our price: CA$4.45
Gallon Jug 4L - Amber
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SKU: 20204A

Glass gallon. Amber in colour.

Our price: CA$9.99
Polyseal - Fits gallons 38mm
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SKU: 13632

Standard black top with polyseal interior for a tight resealable closure.

Our price: CA$0.85