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Carboy accessories


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Spray Wand
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SKU: 20343

Tool used for easy cleaning of carboys, primaries, and demijohns.

Our price: CA$13.75
Bung silicone dalco duall carboys
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SKU: 13062

Airlock and bung combination for carboys.

Our price: CA$12.00
Silicone Bung #6.5 grip
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SKU: 13065-6.5

#6.5 sized silicone Bung complete with grip for carboys.

Our price: CA$6.25
Fermrite silicone bung - carboy size
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SKU: 13070

Carboy sized silicone combination bung - fermenting and solid.

Our price: CA$6.00
Plastic Spigot with 5/16" hose barb
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SKU: 20760-5/16


  THE VINTAGE SHOP SPIGOT FOR 5/16" AND 7/16" HOSE.  Two sizes of hose can be used depending how high the tube is inserted in the hosebarb.  Use with 3/8" plastic bottle filler  #20402-3/8 or  #20403-3/8

Our price: CA$5.00
Spigot wrench
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SKU: 20207W

Innovative tool designed to help you attach The Vintage Shop Spigots to our ported P.E.T Carboys.

Also allows you to easily remove the spigots for cleaning.




Our price: CA$7.00
Wine Better Top-Up - For Carboys (Set of 2)
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SKU: 13104
  • New way to top up carboys without use of water, marbles or good wine;
  • The tubes float in wine to displace air out of carboys. See How-To video in youtube “Wine Better-TopUp Wensi”;
  • Durable food-grade plastic
  • Dimension: L7.5 x D1.1 inches / D28 mm x L190 mm
  • Single volume: approx. 100 ml; weight: 2.9 ounce /83 g

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