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Floor corkers


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Corker - Economy
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SKU: 20505

Standard floor corker painted red. 

Our price: CA$94.75
Corker - Red chrome jaw
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SKU: 20503s
Standard floor corker painted red. It has chrome jaws

Our price: CA$195.00
Corker Blue short
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SKU: 20504
A 33" short blue floor corker

Our price: CA$211.00
Corker Rapid 12 - Parts
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SKU: 20510-

We carry an assortment of parts for the Rapid 12 corker. 

View the Rapid 12 Corker Parts Diagram here:  http://www.bosagrape.com/winery/equipment/rapid-12-corker-parts-diagram/

View the Rapid 12 Corker Parts List here: http://www.bosagrape.com/winery/equipment/rapid-12-corker-parts-list/

Not all parts are in stock. Please call for availability.

Call for pricing!
Floor Corker Green, Chrome Jaws
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SKU: 20502C
This high-quality corker has all of the important features of a floor corker at an affordable price: locking bottle platform, iris jaws, and adjustable plunger depth. Works with 750 ml or 1.5 liter wine bottles. The feet are drilled out so you can bolt it down for more leverage.

Our price: CA$162.50
Vacuum Tester
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SKU: 30660

A needle on the end of the meter penetrates the cork to reach the inner trapped air in a filled bottle of liquid and measure the pressure in the glass.

Our price: CA$250.00
Zeus Manual Corker
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SKU: 20526

Suitable for any bottle with maximum height 65 cm and maximum ø 21 cm.

Suitable for any cork with maximum height 60 mm and maximum ø 40 mm.

Our price: CA$3900.00
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