Electric corkers


Corker Toscana 26
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The Toscana 26 Electric corker is operated with a foot pedal to lower the bottle platform.

This functionality makes it an ideal unit for a Ubrew store as there is no adjustments required to accomodate a different bottle height. (up to 350mm)

For use with synthetic or natural corks.



- Pedal operated, can accomadate different bottle sizes without adjustment

- Maximum Cork Dimensions: 26 mm x 45 mm

- 1 HP, Single Phase motor

Our price: CA$3850.00
Corker TA35
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The TA35 semi-automatic corking machine has been made in AISI 304 Stainless Steel to guarantee resistance to corrosive substances, and works strongly in a damp environment.

Not only does the unit effectively cork bottles, but it also features a vacuum pump and nitrogen sparging system.



- 220V, Single Phase, 6hz

- Cork Dimensions: 22-36mm 

- Creates a vacuum, or substitutes the environment inside the bottle with nitrogen

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