Champagne Corkers


Corker Rapid 49
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SKU: 20507

Made in Switzerland, the Rapid 49 features 2 levers; one for compressing the cork, and the other to slide it smoothly into the bottle

Rapid 49 also features a champagne wire twister built into the machine, for quickly and accurately applying wire cages to the mushroomed cork.


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Maximum Cork Dimensions: 

- Height - 51 mm

- Compression Diameter - 16 mm


Bottle Compatablility:

- Height Range - 200 mm - 420 mm

- Standard to Magnum bottles

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Heavy Duty Bench Capper Magnet
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SKU: 20540-M

Magnet for Professional heavy duty capper (20540)

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Zeus Manual Corker
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SKU: 20526

Professional grade manually opperated corker.

This model features 4 adjustable pivots to allow a range of cork lengths, and is also able to use Champagne corks!

Equipped with durable heat-treated steel jaws, and 3 adaptors for different bottle heads, Zeus is versatile and easilly maintained (can be completely disassembled).



- Suitable for any bottle with maximum height 65 cm and maximum ø 21 cm.

- Suitable for any cork with maximum height 60 mm and maximum ø 40 mm.

- Heat-treated Steel Jaws

- Champagne cork compatable

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Heavy Duty Bench Capper - For Beer / Sparkling |Wine
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SKU: 20540

Professional heavy duty capper ideal for microbrewery test batches, small batch cider, or home sparkling wine production. This unit is built from heavier metal than a standard bench capper, and is designed for continuous use.
For the version with an in built Champagne Wire Hood Twister, see 20542

For Extra stability, this unit can be easily mounted to a bench.
Adaptors for 26mm and 29mm crowns included.

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