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Champagne Corkers


Champagne Wire Hood Twister
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SKU: 13652
Champagne wire hood twister for use with the heavy duty bench capper (20540).

Our price: CA$101.00
Heavy Duty Bench Capper
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SKU: 20540

Professional heavy duty capper ideal for microbreweries and designed for continuous use. 
Can be fixed to a bench for extra stability. 
For optional Champagne Wire Hood Twister, see 20542. 
Adaptors for 26mm and 29mm crowns included.

Our price: CA$255.00
Zeus Manual Corker
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SKU: 20526

Suitable for any bottle with maximum height 65 cm and maximum ø 21 cm.

Suitable for any cork with maximum height 60 mm and maximum ø 40 mm.

Our price: CA$3900.00