Mechanical TSM-2005 Stelvin Capper
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The semi-automatic TSM-2005 mechanic capping machine is particularly useful for laboratories and/or small scale productions. 
The application of the cap on the container takes place by applying pressure on the two button switches situated at each side of the machine.  
When the pressure is applied the lifting plate carrying the container rises up to the screw head where it starts the cycle of forming the thread and the tuck-under of the cap.  This machine also comes with a NO-CAP NO-ROLL device that blocks threading if there is no cap. 
This machine is suitable for aluminum screw caps.


- 220 Volts, Single Phase
- Production rate approx. 500 bottles/hour


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Capper - for Screw-Cap Bottles
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Finally, an economical way to close your screw cap bottles!


Simple operation, and an affordable price, ideal for small/medium scale production or in between visits from mobile bottling line. 

Designed to affix (Stelvin-style) aluminum screw-cap enclosures on threaded wine bottles, the Stellin Easy Capper can close approximately 200-250 bottles per hour

Watch it in action HERE


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