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Cartridge filter


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Membrane Filter- Shelco
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SKU: 21691
The complete filtration assembly.

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Sanitary Filter 30” MILIPORE
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SKU: 21630-30
OUR MOST POPULAR SANITARY CARTRIDGE FILTER.  The Bevliner housings deliver safe, reliable performance and process separation consistency.

Our price: CA$2295.00
Membrane Filter- Shelco shell only
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SKU: 21692-30

30" shelco shell.  As an option for the complete assembly

Our price: CA$337.00
Membrane Filter- Shelco housing 30"
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SKU: 21693-30
30" shelco housing.  The housing includes the shell and the fittings .  As an option for the complete assembly

Our price: CA$638.00
Membrane Filter- Shelco housing 10"
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SKU: 21693-10
10" shelco housing.  The housing includes the shell and the fittings .  As an option for the complete assembly

Our price: CA$485.00
Crossflow Filter - Tangent "XF Barrel"
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SKU: 21626

The XF Barrel is designed to process much larger batch sizes than the XF Mini and is just as easy to operate. With over 44 times the surface area it is ideal for processing volumes which where previously considered too small for larger commercial machines. By utilizing spiral membranes the XF Barrel has a large amount of surface area in comparison to the same square footage of a hollow fiber membrane. With just two four foot membranes the XF Barrel packs in 160ft² (15 m²) of membrane surface area. They are also much more durable and less expensive to replace.

Includes 2 standard membrane cartridges.

Our price: CA$13500.00
Membrane PES 30" .45 Micron C7 Filter Cartridge
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SKU: 13901-30SAR

ScottCart Membrane PES 30" 0.45 micron C7 (Absolute Membrane)

Optimized for the requirements of final filtration of various beverages. The membranes are protected by polyester support fleeces and offer wide chemical compatibility. Cage and core made of polypropylene ensures maximum mechanical stability. The nylon end caps facilitate wettability of the membrane filter cartridges for the integrity test.

Our price: CA$475.00
Cartridge Filter O-Ring Only
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SKU: 13900R

Orange o-ring for cartridge filters.

Our price: CA$5.00
Large Cartridge Filter O-ring (226)
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SKU: 13900R-large

Large orange o-ring, size 226 - Fits: Code 7 filter cartridges and Turbo 500 column base.

Our price: CA$14.33
Cartridge Filter 0.5um x 10"
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SKU: 13908-10B
Cartridge Filter
Code 7


Our price: CA$155.00
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