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Oak Chips French - Oakpassion MEDIUM PLUS - 1kg
Added: 18-09-2018
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Oak Chips French - Oakpassion MEDIUM PLUS - 1kg

High quality French Oak chips manufactured by Lafood under iYeast.

These chips are toasted to a medium plus level and will impart a delicious and refined flavour.


Aproximate Flavour Contributions: French oak offers an aromatic sweetness and full mouthfeel contributions, a fruity, cinnamon/allspice character, along with custard/ crème brûlée, milk chocolate, and roasty notes at higher toast levels

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Quertanin Intense 1kg
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Quertanin intense 1 Kg

Quertanin® Intense is a high-quality ellagic tannin extracted from toasted French oak. It amplifies mouthfeel together with aromas of toasted oak, almond and coffee.

Quertanin Intense helps develop the overall complexity of Red, White and Rose wine.

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