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Vinmetrica SC-200 pH/TA Wine Analyzer
Added: 24-02-2018
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SKU: 30244

Vinmetrica’s SC-200 Measures pH and TA (Titratable Acidity) levels in wines easily, accurately and quickly. Knowing your pH and your TA parameters is essential during the winemaking process to insure you are making the highest quality wines.

Our price: CA$410.00

pH Testing

Accuvin pH Test
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pH Meters - Benchtop
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pH Meters - Handheld
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pH Testing Strips 2.8-4.4 (For Wine)
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SKU: 33693

Wine pH test strips are used to test the pH of the juice prior to fermentation, but can also be used to test the pH of kombucha tea.

Range: pH 2.8-4.4

Comes with 100 strips

Our price: CA$10.25
pH Testing Strips 1-14
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SKU: 33691

pH test strips used to test the pH of a liquid

Range: pH 1-14

Comes with 50 strips

Our price: CA$10.00
Portable pH meter HI99111
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SKU: 33667

Portable pH meter HI99111. The Hanna Instruments HI99111 is a durable, waterproof, and portable pH and temperature meter designed specifically for measurement of juices including grape juice and wine must.

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Edge Blu Bluetooth Smart pH Electrode and Meter
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SKU: 33798
Edge Blu Bluetooth Smart pH Electrode and Meter. Hanna Instruments is proud to introduce edgeblu, a pH meter that uses pH electrodes with Bluetooth® Smart technology (Bluetooth 4.0). These pH electrodes connect wirelessly to edgeblu or a compatible Apple or Android® device running the Hanna Lab App.

Our price: CA$795.00