Enzymes are proteins that cause a reaction whose effect continues until they are completely spent. Bentonite fining inactivates all enzymes.

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Lafazym CL 100g
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Lafazym CL - 100g

Highly concentrated preparation of pectolytic enzymes, purified in CE, for rapid clarification of white and rosé must as well as red press wines

LAFAZYM CL is a preparation purified of cinnamyl esterase activity, thus limiting the formation of vinyl-phenols from the free phenolic acids in white grapes which can negatively influence the aromatic perception of the wines (pharmaceutical, paint, clove notes…).

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VinoTaste Pro 250gm
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VinoTaste Pro - 250g

Powder pectinase enzyme for red and white wines, leads to better settling clarification, cleaner fermentation and improved filterability.

Micro-Granulate for Aging Accelerates maturing of white and red wines.

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