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Stab Micro 1kg
Added: 20-04-2018
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SKU: 10408

Sab Micro is a fining agent used in Ciders, White, Red, and Rose wines that will reduce the amount of spoilage micro-organisms.

  • Preparation of pre-activated chitosan from Aspergillus niger.
  • Removes spoilage organisms through fining.
  • Interacts with a wide spectrum of wine microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria and yeast), reduces their activity and growth, and precipitates them.
  • Helps reduce sulfide defects and improves wine clarification and filterability.
  • Delay or avoid Malolactic fermentation, an allergen-free, vegan alternative to lysozyme.
  • Reduce off-flavours produced by spoilage microbes

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Kieselsol 1L
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SKU: 10336-1000

Kieselsol (30%) Wine Finings is a negatively charged fining and useful in removing proteins and some metallic compounds.

Our price: CA$23.99
Chitosan 1L
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SKU: 10339-1000

Chitosan 1% Wine Finings is a positively charged fining and useful in removing tannin, phenols, anthrocyanins, yeast cells, and bacteria.

Our price: CA$17.99
Carbon O61 100g
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SKU: 10356-0100

Carbon O61 for decolourizing.

Our price: CA$6.50
Carbon O61 1kg
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SKU: 10356-1000

Carbon O61 1kg for decolousizing.

Our price: CA$30.00
Casei Plus 1kg
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SKU: 10376

Casei Plus 1kg is a potassium caseinate developed for treatment of oxidation phenoma and maderization in musts and wines.

Our price: CA$53.25
Ovoclaryl Egg Albumin Powder 1 kg
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SKU: 10333
Ovoclaryl is a high quality product derived from fresh pasteurised albumin, presented in powder spray-form. This
formulation presents all the technical advantages of fresh egg white, which is used for treating high quality red wines
suitable for cellaring.

Our price: CA$57.00
Polylact Oxidation Treatment 1 kg
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SKU: 10331
POLYLACT® is a preparation associating PVPP and potassium caseinate on cellulose support that efficiently contributes to
the adsorption of oxidised and oxidisable phenolic compounds while preserving the organoleptic potential of wines.
The basic caseinate composition allows quick dissolution insuring a synergetic effect with PVPP.
The absence of bicarbonate favours the preservation of the acid-base balance of wines.

Our price: CA$90.00
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