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Fermaid A 2.5kg
Added: 06-09-2018
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Fermaid A is a complex yeast nutrient blend of inactivated yeast (organic YAN; alphaaminonitrogen) and diammonium phosphate (inorganic YAN).

The available YAN in the must/juice directly impacts the fermentation rate and the formation of flavor-active volatile compounds. The inorganic and amino nitrogen blend in Fermaid A is aimed at encouraging a more balanced rate of fermentation.

For best results, Fermaid A should be used in conjunction with an appropriate yeast rehydrationnutrient (such as Go-Ferm or Go-Ferm Protect).

Doseage: 10-30g/HL or 0.8-2.4lbs/1000gal.

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Noblesse Yeast Nutrient 2.5kg
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ICV Noblesse is certified organic by OMRI. It is a yeast derivative nutrient for use in red and white wines.

Wines made with ICV Noblesse exhibit a more intense perception of ripe fruit together with an overall roundness and softness in the finish. There is decreased tannic intensity in the mid-palate.

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Booster Blanc Yeast Nutrient 2.5kg
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SKU: 12320

Booster Blanc is a natural inactivated yeast product from the ICV range of selected yeast. It has been specifically designed to smooth mid-palate intensity and enhance fresh aromas in whites and rosés. 

Booster Blanc smooths mid-palate intensity and fresh varietal fruit aromas while diminishing bitterness, vegetal and chemical perception


Dosage: 30g/HL

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Superstart Rouge 1kg
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Superstart Rouge, used during rehydration, provides the live yeast cell membrane with essential building blocks that guarantee membrane fluidity, alcohol resistance and optimal conformation of transporters up to the last generation of yeast.

It increases yeast viability and the general metabolism of the yeast.

Superstart Rouge is recomended for the initial yeast inoculation and for the restart culture in the event of a stuck fermentation.


Dosage:  20-30 g/HL (200 - 300 ppm) Superstart Rouge is recomended for the initial yeast inoculation and for the restart culture in the event of a stuck fermentation.

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Superstart Blanc 1kg
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SKU: 12338

Yeast preparator especially rich in growth factors to ensure a strong and clean fermentation finish. Optimized formulation specifically for yeasts used in white and rose winemaking.


Dosage: 20-30g/HL

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Nutristart 1kg
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SKU: 12328

Nutristart is an all-round activator comprised of ammonium salts (phosphate), thiamine and inactivated yeast.


Dosage: should be based on the initial assimilable nitrogen content of the must, the potential alcohol degree and the turbidity.

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Optimum White 1kg
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SKU: 12341

Optimum White is certified organic by OMRI. It is used to enhance smoothness, helps avoid browning from oxidation and protects fresh aromas during aging. 

Optimum White may also be added in the last stages of fermentation to help bring out flavour profiles often associated with aging on lees. 

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Opti-Malo Plus 1kg
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Opti’Malo Plus is a natural nutrient developed by Lallemand specifically for MLF. It is a blend of inactive yeasts rich in amino acids, mineral cofactors, vitamins, cell wall polysaccharides and cellulose. 



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