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European Oak Cubes, Stavin 8oz

European Oak Cubes, Stavin 8oz
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European Oak Cubes 8oz

Slow, fire-toasted Oak Cubes are an economic method of obtaining smilar qualities to barrel aging wines more economically.

After 2 months of contact time, these cubes will start permeating the wine with oak flavour, which is much smoother and more characteful when compared to extraction from oak chips.

Our American Oak cubes are toasted to a Medium Plus, however Medium or Heavy toast are available upon request.


Aproximate Flavour Contributions: Hungarian oak has a high perceived emphasis on vanillin, leathery and black pepper notes, with roasted coffee and bittersweet chocolate

- For 100% new barrel impact in a 60gal (227L) barrel use 1.5lbs
- Minimum contact time is 2 months with a useful life of 1 year.
- Oak cubes are available in medium, medium plus or heavy toast.
- Our house toast is the medium plus all others are available by special order
- Stavin oak cubes are packaged in a nylon mesh bag with two gramet holes
- Cubes can be used in combination with barrels to increase extraction as barrels age.
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