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pH Electrode HI1048P

pH Electrode HI1048P
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- Food Industry pH electrode with open, CPS™ junction, BNC connector and 1 m (3.3') cable, recommended for wine & must applications. - Available with different connector configurations. The one best suited for the hanna ph222 is the 1048P double connector (BNC + Pin Connector). - Use with refill Electrolyte KCl 3.5M solution #31736 - A dirty electrode may give readings that are off by as much as 0.5 pH points, even directly after calibrating. - This electrode is equipped wirth HANNA®' signature Calibration Check™ technology to detect when the electrode is dirty and give warning during calibration. -Clean electrode prior to use. Use the appropriate solution necessary to remove the particular deposits that coat both the surface of the pH bulb and reference junction when exposed to a must solution. HI 70635 (wine deposit removal)#31733-3 and HI 70636 (wine stain removal) #31733-2.

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