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Yeast Lalvin K1-V1116 100g

Yeast Lalvin K1-V1116 100g
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Yeast Lalvin K1-V1116 - 100g  

Lalvin V1116 (K1)™: The secure choice for light, fresh, crisp whites. It can also be used for rosé or basic red wines. V1116 (K1) is recommended for the fermentation of icewines.

Lalvin V1116 (K1) was isolated in 1972 by Pierre Barre of the INRA Montpellier. V1116 (K1) tends to express the freshness of white grape varieties. Natural fresh fruit aromas are retained for longer, compared to wines fermented with standard yeast (such as Prise de Mousse).

When fermented at low temperatures (below 16°C) and with the right addition of nutrients V1116's esters bring fresh floral aromas to neutral varieties or high-yield grapes. Among the high ester producers, V1116 (K1) is the most resistant to difficult fermentation conditions, such as low turbidity, low temperature and low fatty acid content.

Temperature: 10-35°C
Fermentation Speed: Medium
Alcohol Tolerance: 18.0%
Nitrogen Needs: Low
  • White Wines
  • Rosé
  • Ice Wine
  • Basic Red Wines
  • Sparkling Wines
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