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The BeerBug™ Cloud-Connected Digital Hydrometer

The BeerBug™ Cloud-Connected Digital Hydrometer
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How BeerBug™ Works

BeerBug™ takes your brew's gravity, temperature, and alcohol% measurements every few minutes and streams them to the cloud via WiFi.

  • Fits most any vessel
  • Mounts just like an airlock
  • Reroutes C02 via airlock or blowoff
  • Rechargeable 25+ day battery life
  • View your brew data anywhere in the world with your computer or smartphone
  • Android and iOS supported 

The BeerBugTM uses your WiFi network to send and receive data. You'll want to make sure that you have a reliable WiFi connection so that minimal data is lost. If your WiFi kicks off now and then, don't worry, missing a few readings doesn't make a difference when we are collecting hundreds of points over many days. The BeerBug™ takes specific gravity and temperature measurements a few times per hour and plots this information on the easy to read graphs. The specific gravity measurements are accurate to +/- 0.002 (per 75 SG points). The specific gravity range goes from 0.900 to 1.300. The onboard, or "ambient" temperature measurements are accurate to ~2F. The BeerBug™ temperature probe is available as an add-on to get more direct, more accurate temperature readings. With an accuracy of +/- 2 SG points (0.002) per 75 (0.075) your BeerBug™ will most likely beat your traditional hydrometer.

For more information, visit https://www.thebeerbug.com/


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