Compressed Gas - CO₂, Nitrogen, Beer Gas
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Compressed Gas - CO₂, Nitrogen, Beer Gas

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We carry 3 kinds of compressed gases in various sizes. We sell full cylinders, empty cylinders, and we can exchange your empty one for a full one.

Purchases of refills and full cylinders are charged a $6.00 HAZMAT fee. One fee per transaction, not per cylinder. Fee does not apply to Sodastream.

Shipping these items full usually costs extra, because of Dangerous Goods fees.

Size Notes:

20# CO₂ cylinder is the same size as 55 cu ft Nitrogen and Beer Gas cylinders.

20# Height: ~28"

5# Height: ~18"

  • CA$35.00
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CO₂ is used for carbonating and dispensing beverages (usually beer). A 5# cylinder will carbonate and dispense ~35 US gallons.

Beer Gas is used for dispensing - usually stouts.

Nitrogen is used for dispensing flat beverages, like wine, and as an inert gas in winemaking.