Hanna HI 84102-55 - Pump Calibration Standard for Titratable Acidity in Wine Mini Titrator
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Hanna HI 84102-55 - Pump Calibration Standard for Titratable Acidity in Wine Mini Titrator

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The HI84102 total titratable acidity mini titrator incorporates a peristaltic pump dosing system for the accurate delivery of a titrant. The HI84102-55 is a pump calibration standard that is used to calibrate the dosing system. A calibrated dosing pump allows for the accurate determination of the amount of titrant used when performing a titration. The amount of volume dosed along with the concentration of the titrant is used by the pre-programmed formula within the HI84102 in determining the exact titratable acidity. The pump calibration procedure should be performed anytime the titrant or pH electrode is replaced. Routine calibration is recommended to ensure the highest of accuracy when performing a titration.

  • Pre-measured solution
  • Clearly marked expiration date and lot number
  • Air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal to ensure quality
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The determination of total acids in wine is made according to a neutralization reaction in which the acids found in wine are neutralized by a base. Total acidity, also called titratable acidity, is the sum of the fixed and volatile acids. In the United States the total acidity is usually expressed in terms of tartaric acid, even though the other acids are measured.

For precise results it is very important to know the sample volume, titrant volume, and titrant concentration. As the titrant comes pre-standardized, it is important to determine the amount of titrant delivered by the dosing pump. This determination is done by the pump calibration procedure. In this procedure the analysis of a known volume of a known solution (HI84102-55) is titrated with the HI84102-50 titrant to a specific pH endpoint that is potentiometrically determined by the HI1048B pH electrode designed for wine samples.  The pump calibration procedure should be performed anytime the titrant, syringe, tubing or pH electrode is replaced. It is recommended to do a pump calibration every time a new set of titrations are to be performed.

The HI84102-55 is a 100 mL bottle of pump calibration standard solution.  There is enough calibration standard to perform 30 pump calibrations.

Replacement reagents required to operate the HI84102:

 Range of tartaric acid

0.0 to 25.0 g/L 

Pump calibration standard


Titrant solution

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