Cash Still, Self-Evacuating Complete
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Cash Still, Self-Evacuating Complete

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Monitoring changes in volatile acidity is important to detect the onset of spoilage.

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Monitoring changes in volatile acidity is important to detect the onset of spoilage.
This cash still complies with the American Society of Enologists-AOAC method to determine Acidity (Total Volatile) of wines. The steam chamber is heated by an 800 watt immersion coil that heats the distilled water to a boiling point in about 3 – 4 minutes. Two-way TEFLON stopcock fitted with funnel permits addition of sample into inner chamber or serves as an escape vent for CO2. The GRAHAM condenser has threaded fittings on the water feed and drain that makes the assembly and disassembly of the unit easier. Repairs and modifications possible for the cash still.
The following items are included in the assembly. These components are also sold individually.
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Individual item
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Cash still boiler, self-evacuating, with teflon stop-cock            
Condenser 200mm (other sizes available on request)
Heating unit complete with one coil
The self-evacuating cast still is part of the COMPLETE VOLATILE ACIDITY ASSEMBLY. This assembly contains the necessary components to measure the spoilage acids made by acetic bacteria and other organisms.
To test volatile acidity you need:
     1) Cash still assembly
     2) Complete volatile acidity assembly
     3) Titration assembly
     4) Reagents
Reagents required for assembly:

Individual item

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Sodium hydroxide 0.067N or 0.1N, 500ml                                


Phenolphthalein 1%, 30ml


Hydrochloric acid 0.1N, 60ml


Antifoam, 250ml


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